AG Neovo Products

The AG Neovo Way

AG Neovo displays are transforming traditional conceptions of what a monitor is and what it can do.

Best-in-Class Glass Protection
AG Neovo's leadership in the area of hard glass technology demonstrates the company's ability to bring valuable innovation to market. Designed specifically to address the challenges of multi-user and public environments, AG Neovo's patented NeoV™ Optical Glass has become the most trusted hard glass protection available today. Featured on a number of environment-specific display series, NeoV™ Optical Glass provides professionals with the confidence to bring displays into the public space.

Beyond Traditional Monitors
AG Neovo displays are much more than desktop monitors. With built-in video support, AG Neovo displays connect effortlessly to DVD players and other video devices - not just computers. Mounting is also easy and secure with durable construction and VESA compliant designs. No longer tied to a desk or a computer, AG Neovo displays open up an array of viewing and display possibilities.

Designed for a Lifetime
Using the highest quality components and materials, AG Neovo displays are designed for a lifetime of performance. The typical lifetime of an AG Neovo display is 50,000 hours - that's over two decades of performance in an office or school, and almost 6 years of non-stop performance in a 24 hours a day security setting. With timeless, award-winning design, an AG Neovo display will maintain its modern look for just as long.

Different Environments Different Requirements
The environment-specific requirements for each of AG Neovo's series of display devices are first identified before the design process begins. Whether it is public libraries, surveillance rooms, modern transportation systems, design-conscience offices, or advanced medical facilities, AG Neovo displays are created to meet the needs of public and professional environments through patented technologies, innovative feature sets and progressive design.

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